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  • Carolina's Kitchen: "The art of living and sharing"

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    One day I ran into Carolina's instagram account and the reaction was love at first sight. It is true that there are many lifestyle bloggers and foodies but her authentic, natural and simple style make her unique.

    Her travels, walks through markets, recipes and relationships betray how this bon vivant lover refuses to live a conventional life where she can not exploit everything that she is passionate about. And the most beautiful thing is that many times makes us find that beauty in the simplest and the details.

    As a journalist and collage artist I contacted her with the hope of collaborating with someone whom I admire. Not only did he respond very quickly but with complete willingness to help me in whatever she could.

    To take my inspiration, I took my time to review each of her images and remembered that in one of them I read that she commented that she was shy. It is not the impression she gives but with this in mind I noticed the use of her hands; which are her great tools, whether camera in hand or cooking her hands do everything...And based on them, these two images were created. "The art of living and sharing" where on a one of her beautiful and disorderly natural tables we see many hands with details that embody that sharing that defines her. And her portrait "The faces of Carolina" where I sought to unite her art of photographing and lifestyle blogger.. 

    Without a doubt a wonderful experience and for those who do not know her ... I invite you to follow her and let yourself fall in love and be conquered by her recipes and images.

    Follow Carolina in La Cocina de Carolina or on her instagram @carolina_ferrer_

    "The art of living and sharing" and "The faces of Carolina" are collages eclusively made for  Carolina Ferrer by ia Llamozas.