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  • Firiri: The movement of change

    Firiri is a Nepalese word meaning movement with the wind. And the fashion brand Firiri brings us the movement of change: A change to educate us as consumers to ask ourselves who, where and how made the clothes we wear.

    Their charming founders Laura (from Barcelona) and Raju (from Nepal) bring us the fusion of two worlds, just like their own lives. Products made in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, to make them known in Barcelona. Two very different backgrounds that merge to bring change: Raise awareness that a different fashion is possible.

    Firiri defends fair trade and a responsible production process. When purchasig any of their products or when visiting their website you will be able to know the stories of each of the people who work in their factory and how this work helps them to carry out their families.

    Buying Firiri products also means investing in natural raw materials such as: Cotton, linen, bamboo, all treated with the utmost respect so that each of your garments embodies a piece of the Himalayas.

    A brand with which we have had the pleasure of collaborating and one that gives us great pride to make known, because as its slogan says Firiri is fashion with soul: Love, respect and commitment to people, society and nature.

    Will you join the revolution?